Week 12 – Master Key

I love the use of words and thoughts that point to the greater truth!

I love using words that highlight strengths, accomplishments, choices, growth, essence, courage, creation.

This week made such a difference with all the wonderful cards with these words written and available to use several times per day to re-charge my knowing, my vitality, my alignment with great or significant moments of growth that I have already chosen in my life.

Looking at these cards I get automatically predisposed to do, chose and be more of these and similar things…

We construct prison or hell or we reveal freedom and beauty – with our attention and thoughts… words can do us well or serve us as a pointer to our own misalignment and confusion…


Week 11 – Master Key

So right now we are reading and speaking a lot about persistence. Not my strongest habit. But it is building. The two times before when I had amazing persistence were when I was very very clear about where I was headed, and what I wanted to be and create. So I know I have it in me.

The challenge is to not let go of the persistence when greatly challenged. So here I am in the midst of a huge challenge. The circumstance I am in would bring most people deep on their knees and lower. I am dealing with it and I am managing, some days even thriving, but I am challenged and I am in a lot of grief.

I have a bit of difficulty in managing to do all the parts included in the course right now this week, I have had so many insights and impulses and actions to walk in my true direction, and that has taken a lot of time. I am happy to see myself take these steps. And I am a bit disappointed in not keeping up fully with the course in its entirety.

I like this weeks wholeness, the putting the pieces together, the connections between all the texts and exercises and laws and principles…

I feel so confident now that I clearly own and know the 4 keys that makes one succeed. They are the habits we have been trained into!!

The 4 habits that makes SUCCESS inevitable:

  1. A clear greater purpose You express and feel absolute conviction, enthusiasm and passion to live as real experience – many moments every day.
  2. A definite PLAN expressed in continuous ACTION.
  3. A mind that excludes and ignores ALL negative influences from outside or inside – only neutral and positive thoughts and feelings are engaged every hour of the day and night ALWAYS. (So no addiction to nasty, self-defeating, dramatic, victim, failure peptides. Only rewarding, harmonious peptides are chosen.)
  4. Alliance for Mastery, Purpose-fulfillment, growth and success. Friendly, unconditional, committed alliance to reach Goals and beyond and live the greater life. (Mastermind.)

THESE HABITS MAKE SUCCESS. Nothing but success can follow if you have these habits.

These habits create PERSISTENCE. So I am developing this persistence. AND I am reaping many results already. I look forward to the rest and everything that will be unfolding as I resolve and forgive all that has recently surfaced and transpired.

I meet you, I see you, I honor you

Week 10 – Master Key

This week is calling for acceptance, caring, healing, staying put.

All my progress the other weeks and the sudden eruption of painful Truths/Lies exposed has made my vibration to lower. And that is OK.

I was flying confident and in super-synchronistic flow, having new richer experiences, and in a very new sense of ME. Very empowered.

Now I feel more lost, confused, lacking, unsure. But I am OK and I know it is only temporary and that is is because I am visiting a much lower frequency than I now belong in and emanate naturally.

Old old wounds make themselves seen. Old old feelings of being abandoned, unwelcommed, unimportant, worthless, unwanted.

Those cannot be dealt with, felt or healed at the higher frequency – because there they are not even perceived. They can only be felt when seemingly ”wounded”…

I feel it is not for me to now be disciplined and exert brute force and positive thinking to make this go away – NO: I will embrace it, FEEL it, love ME through it. NOT be hard or harsh on me – be soft and gentle and kind. SOFTNESS  is what i called for. Not discipline. So I follow my inner compass. Now it is more important for me to be reminded of this, because at this point my awareness is not crystal clear in every moment the way it was weeks prior…

So far

So far in the MKMMA:

I have gained so much more self respect.

I have gained a very very great deal of self-confidence and confidence in the Field / the fabric of existence / The Universe.

I truly feel very very exactly and divinely and synchronistically piloted in every moment – and I am crystal clear and confident in this.

I have reached a very heightened level of one of my PPNs. Truth and Authenticity.

New events and people are emerging in my life.

My sense of financial confidence and unlimitedness is extreme, even though I started out as not having a home for more than until march – it still is that way, not having an income as I leaped shortly after commencing MKMMA… It all works out.

I am greater at forgiving.

I feel healthier. The draining parts of my life are leaving.

Now it is NOT just the MKMMA that is behind this, but it is a huge catalyst and a huge factor. I do see two equally strong other components as well. I won’t go into those now. But I’d say I took what’s been given and deepened it quite a bit guided by my greater self.

Life rocks!! I rock!! 🙂

Week 9 – Master Key Ha Ha it’s a joke


What an interesting week!!

The most intense in my life. I have Never ever felt as crushed by life.

Very intense knowledge and truth came to me. Of the very heavy kind.

My foremost pivotal need is Truth and Authenticity – and guess what – I got it!!  From a person whom I now know was functioning in complete polarity to this energy and quality. And it impacted me greatly since it is my closest person in life.

I am so happy and relieved!! TRUTH is so fucking awesome! The second you get it YOU ARE FREE – and relieved! I love my PPN. I just Looooove my PPN.

OK the first days were like being completely beaten up and bruised in the whole energy field and every cell.

I am working through this very fast. It took me one hour to forgive a person’s quite nasty actions on top of bullying me. It took me five days to forgive the almost unforgivable. And I have not even tried forgiving – it comes naturally. I am a very very loving person and I know it.

The darkness I have faced this week has been massive. It is a great gift. GREAT GREAT gift. I see my greatness. I feel my greatness. In the face of darkness my greatness is born and I get to own it and walk in amazing confidence hence.

But there is one more thing about the close encounter with massive darkness: One starts to recognize that there is a point where you don’t even resist or judge (have any opinion about) even the darkest. It is a perception you get only by this very intense encounter, clearing your past judgement of the dark/lie/deception/fear/evil/whatever. YES – it’s dark. NO – no need to fight it or judge it. And of course not fear it. It is your friend!

Well interesting enough the master key text is about Truth as the principle that lines everything into the correct place. I couldn’t agree more.

Thanx for reading.

Week 8 – Master Key

I am transforming.

One of my goals is to love and enjoy a very healthy and fit body.

One of my very lately inserted goals is to feel financially very secure and confident, and to feel the richness of being able to invest in greatness benefitting earth, myself and others and to live the highest version of life possible and to be able to be the highest version of generosity possible.

The last one is a new goal of mine – and therefore it is not heavily charged with beliefs and limitations…. so it manifested immediately. I am already experiencing it and living it. I manifested a passive income of 4000 dollars per month in just minutes and made some other discoveries and investments that secured Everything beautifully.

I am all of a sudden engaging with only millionaires and very or extremely creative and successful people who flow in ease. And so am I. I never pursued this before… Since there is no charge and no previous preconception of failure or limitation – I manifested it kind of right a way… Universe is just bringing it to me… in mysterious ways… I am just walking every step in the now listening attentively.

My next thing is to achieve the experience of a very ecstatic and beautiful and healthy body that I totally enjoy. I know everything else is easy to manifest.

I am walking in massive confidence and Universe is totally making everything available to me. That is what I have affirmed to be my reality before november 25th. And so it is.

I never valued this (the financial abundance) as important – but now that I have it – I notice that I am up-levelling myself in a way I never thought was possible… it is pure alchemy. I know because I have extreme perception. Universe is only bringing the right people into my experience in every moment.

Bless U. Love U. May you honor your Truth and be wildly unlimited!



Week 7 – Master Key

Enjoying the musical part of this journey, it feels good! I am gonna make more than one song with my purpose statements!

I feel deep resonance with 3 of the major concepts this week of the course: Daily connecting to my heart and embracing the day and everything and every person with LOVE in my heart, FORGIVING E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g… really – for all that has happened or not happened no matter the pain, the complete erradication of negativity – or the pursuit of this level of functioning.

The diet refraining from negative thoughts is challenging even though the first day worked amazingly well. I have 6 restarts by now.

So what is happening in my life since I started 7 weeks ago? …I certainly feel as if I walk with greater confidence and that I am creating flow and unlikely good opportunities. I am also accessing brilliant ideas and connecting these ideas with the right people who truly resonate with them… and I now am on my way creating two new businesses which I know will bring immense satisfaction to many people.

People with love in their heart are very powerful – and can truly change the world. And I intend to gather such people around myself – or turn them into such.